Best controllable christmas lights

Depending on where you live, you've likely seen a house with crazy flashing Christmas lights that change color and dance to music. Almost every neighborhood or town has "that one house" that goes all out for the holidays each year.

In my neighborhood, that house is mine. If you've ever wondered how those displays work and what you need to make your own, this will be a short overview of all the components and how everything works together. There are three key things that make up a Christmas light show: the lights, the control circuitry, and the sequencing. The lights are arranged together to form different props like leaping arches, snowflakes, stars, megatrees, and more. You couple those lights with controllers and power supplies to make them work as expected.

There is specialized computer software that tells the controllers when to turn on and off the lights according to the music being played. These components are at the heart of every light show and I'll go into detail about each one. While you won't be able to go to Walmart and pick this stuff up, there are many companies and a large, helpful community eager to help. The most common type of lights you see at Christmas are traditional incandescent bulbs or more recently, LEDs.

These strings turn on with V in the US when you plug them into the wall and stay lit until you unplug them. Those are regular Christmas lights. Around years ago though, people started connecting them to electronic switches called relays which allow the lights to be turned on and off with a simple microcontroller. This is essentially the same technology found in today's smart wall plugs, but with a more festive approach.

A typical holiday light display using this technology might have had a few dozen of such relays controlling an equal number of light strands. This technology was fine for a few years, but eventually things started to get more elaborate. The next big jump in technology came around 5 years ago and has transformed holiday lighting ever since.

Turning on and off a single strand of lights was boring and people wanted more colors, more brightness, and fancier effects. LEDs had become very popular and and a new type of light technology started to hit the market called "Pixels".Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Many people use string lights to wrap their Christmas trees and decorate banisters, and today, these lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your decor. Indoor Christmas lights can be white or multicolored, incandescent or LED, and even battery-powered, if you prefer.

Ever Wondered How Those Computer-Controlled Christmas Light Displays Work?

When choosing lights, make sure to consider the overall length of the strand, how many strings can be connected on one outlet, and whether all the lights will go out if a bulb burns out—all important factors that will help you find the best product to decorate your home. With that in mind, here are the best indoor Christmas lights you can buy. The lights include red, green, blue, yellow, and pink bulbs for a colorful display, and you can connect up to five sets end-to-end if you need more length.

These Christmas lights are ideal for decorating garlands or trees, thanks to their green wire, and they have a inch lead wire to help you reach an outlet. The strand comes with two flasher bulbs, two spare bulbs and a spare fuse, and what's great is that you can buy several packages without breaking the bank, thanks to their low price. These warm white holiday lights are on a foot strand with LED bulbs, and they can be set to eight different modes for various lighting effects, such as twinkling, slow fade, and more.

The timer will keep the lights on for six hours at a time, then automatically shut them off for 18 hours. You can brighten up your home with the colorful Home Accents Holiday Light Multicolor Strings Lights, which feature red, green, blue, orange, and pink bulbs. This string of Christmas lights is You can connect up to three strings of lights together for more decorating distance, and the green wire will blend in with a Christmas tree or other greenery.

If you prefer your holiday decor to be more minimalistic, the Prextex Christmas Clear White Wire Light Set is a top-rated string of white lights.

The lights have an inch lead wire, and the set comes with two flasher bulbs, two spare bulbs, and two replacement fuses, as well. You can connect up to five strands of these lights together, and if you're decorating a flocked Christmas tree, you'll love the white wiring, which will blend right in. If you have a huge Christmas tree or just need a long strand of lights to decorate your home, the Home Accents Holiday LED Mini White String Lights are one of the longest options out there, boasting an impressive 99 feet of length!

You can link up to 10 sets of these lights together, and all the bulbs will stay lit even if one burns out. Plus, the product comes with extra bulbs and fuses so you can fix the Christmas lights if any issues arise. The SkrLights Multicolor Ceramic Lights have the retro-style large bulbs that will give your home a touch of vintage flair.If you are planning to decorate your house this Christmas in an easy, exciting, and unique way. If you are looking for a low budget yet elegant options to bring that festive look to your house.

Nothing could be the best option than bringing home the latest app controlled Christmas lights. You heard it right! You can control the lights through an app using your smartphones.

best controllable christmas lights

Led strip lights are easy to install and provide mind-boggling multiple options. It has advanced features like Bluetooth control, music, microphone, different modes, and 16 million colors to customize.

Few are wifi, home kit, Alexa and echo enabled. All you have to do is clean the surface, paste these best app controlled led lights, and switch them on. Led lights have a life span of 50, hours hence saving electricity and money when compared to traditional light bulbs. The cozy lady led lights comes with different and interesting features. You can connect it to your wifi and play music besides it also has a music mode where the lights change and sync with the music. It can be accessed by Alexa and google assistant.

These are app-enabled Christmas lights that work with a smartphone app called magic home pro app.

Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

It is available both on the app store and play store where you can select the choice of colors from 16 million colors. There is a new update from the launchers of this product which is thermal adhesive which means the viscosity increases with the increase of time. You can also set the alarm to see the lights dancing to the tune as you wake up. Another interesting feature is that all your family members can control the lights with apps installed on their phones.

If you also want another option to operate, it also has a remote controller with colors and modes on it. If this is the first time you are using this product and not clear about usage, the user manual inside the package will clearly explain everything in detail.

It is However, you can measure the size of your room and go for the products. They also provide extra reinforcement accessories to keep the product intact and perfect. These pre-lit lights are suitable for Parties, House Decorations, pathways, and Christmas celebrations. These interior lights are from the Nexillumi store that is user friendly and interesting. This product is 50 feet long with LED lights on the strip. You can adjust the brightness and change colors according to your choice from 16 million colors displayed on your phone app.

These app controlled Christmas lights can be controlled by using a smartphone app or by its mic and remote control. There are many modes in this product, one of them is quite interesting which is the mic mode. It means when you sing or play instruments, the lights will pulsate and change colors along with the sound and music. The manufacturer is also providing the LED strip hooks with strong adhesive.

You can also cut the LED strip and adjust it at the corners using the strip connectors provided by the manufacturer which solves the biggest problem. They are also providing screws and hooks to use and apply this strip to an uneven surface. The power cord lasts long as it is more durable and safer.

You can set a timer to turn on or off the lights with your favorite color.

The 7 Best Indoor Christmas Lights of 2021

You can control the LED strip lights from 50 feet using your phone app. The after-sales options are quite good as the manufacturer also provides 18 months warranty. The package mainly comprises a power adapter, controller connected to lights, and also a remote controller with keys on it.

It also has a built-in microphone and music mode where you can see the lights sync to the music.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Whether you want traditional white string lights, oversized retro-style lights, or something completely different, like color-changing LEDs, you can find it all online.

best controllable christmas lights

Here, the best outdoor Christmas lights to illuminate your space. This strand of outdoor lights has warm white bulbs on a green wire, and the whole thing is around 20 feet in length, making it perfect for decorating a tree or your home's porch.

best controllable christmas lights

Plus, if you want more length, you can connect up to five of these strands together. These Christmas lights come with two flasher bulbs, two replacement bulbs, and two spare fuses. They have an inch lead wire and a 3-inch end connector, and reviewers say the strands are robust with bright, clear lights. These holiday lights can be controlled from any iOS device, and you can adjust their color and brightness, as well as control the different effects.

There are up to 16 million color combinations, so you can accomplish just about anything with these splurge-worthy string lights! You can choose from 10 lighting effects, including tri-color, single fade, rainbow fade, twinkle, and more, and the app even lets you adjust the speed and direction of the lighting pattern.

Cool, right?

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These quaint outdoor lights feature a ground-mounted solar panel, which provides them with six to eight hours of runtime per day. The fairy-style lights come on a foot strand with LED bulbs, and you can choose from a variety of colors, including warm white, regular white, red, and blue.

According to buyers, these solar-powered Christmas lights are perfect for wrapping around trees in your yard, and they automatically turn on at dusk, saving you from having to manually switch them on. Plus, reviewers say the lights will even work on gloomy days—ideal for winter. To get the most bang for your buck, consider the Holiday Time Indoor and Outdoor Clear Mini Christmas Lights, which include a whopping 59 feet of lights!

The package comes with two stands of clear incandescent lights on green wire, and you can connect up to three strands end-to-end if you need to decorate a large outdoor area. Icicle lights are a popular choice for decorating the trim of houses during the winter, and the Home Accents Holiday Clear Icicle Lights are both reliable and affordable.

Each string has white bulbs on a white wire, and you can connect up to three sets per outlet. These icicle lights come with spare bulbs and fuses, and if one light burns out, the others will still stay lit. The lights are UL-approved for outdoor use, and reviewers love the affordable price, writing that the lights look stunning when lit up on your porch against the snow.

Each strand is 50 feet long with cool mwhite LED lights, and you can connect up to three sets to cover larger areas.

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And because they're battery-operated, these lights are perfect for use in locations without an outlet. These LED lights have six flashing modes, including steady on, twinkle, waves, slow fade, and more.

You can control these settings, along with the brightness level and timer schedule, with the Novolink app. These strands are feet with LED lights choose from cool white, warm white, or multicolored. These bulbs are waterproof and sturdy enough to use for hours on end, and provide up to 90 percent energy savings over standard super-bright string lights. To decorate larger areas, you can connect up to three strands end-to-end.

Large-bulb Christmas lights have a distinctly retro vibeand the Home Accents Holiday Multi-Colored Incandescent C9 Lights would make a fun addition to your outdoor display. These strands feature 24 feet of multi-colored C9 bulbs, and you can connect two strands end-to-end if needed.

The lights come with an extra fuse, and if one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit.

Some Of The Best Christmas Lights Along The Wasatch Front

Plus, reviewers say these Christmas lights are quite durable and look stunning when used to decorate the exterior of your home.Christmas lights bring a unique glimmering warmth to your holiday season—or your backyard, your favorite dive bar, or really anywhere else, for that matter.

Like all LED models, the GE Colorite lights are safer, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional incandescent lights, and they barely draw any electricity at all. The bulbs should last for at least 10 holiday seasons, and you can replace individual bulbs if they go out or you can just leave those; the rest of the strand will stay lit. Overall, these lights offer better benefits and have fewer drawbacks than any other indoor lights we tested.

The GE lights have sold out quickly the past few years, so if that happens again, we recommend the Christmas Designers T5 Smooth LED Christmas Lights available in warm white, multicolor, or solid color. In our tests the multicolor lights looked as good as those from GE, while the warm white lights had a cooler tone that was a little further from the coziness of an incandescent. These lights offer all the benefits of LEDs as well as a design that makes each bulb impervious to moisture for weeks in the snowy, sleety, rainy outdoors—we confirmed that by leaving a lit set submerged in a water-filled bucket all day.

We liked the warmth of the color, the bright light output, and the manageable wires. Pro lighting designers and other experts have consistently named this particular type of bulb as the ideal choice for outdoor holiday-lighting displays.

These mini-light sets emit the warmest overall light, and like our other picks, they have an easy-handling wire.

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With 16 million color choices and a library of customizable animations and effects, the Twinklys are incredibly versatile. But they are expensive, and the app could use some work. These Wi-Fi—enabled Christmas lights offer 16 million color choices that can be employed in any number of moving, blinking, multicolored patterns.

They are significantly more expensive than most other Christmas lights, but the endless possibilities and weather-resistant construction mean you can also keep them strung up all year round and customize the colors to go with every occasion.

You can even sync the flashing lights to move in time with music. As impressive as the Twinkly app might be, it does glitch on occasion, and the user interface could use some improvements, particularly on the mapping feature and the music sync. Still, we expect this software to continue to improve; we even observed some noticeably helpful firmware updates in the course of our testing.

Also available in a count set that will save you more money per bulb. We also enlisted the aid of professionals in our testing process to help us assess the color quality of each string light set. In previous years, we consulted Susan Moriarty, executive creative director and founder of the Boston-based creative agency The Soapbox Studiowho has 20 years of experience as an art director, designer, and photographer.

For our most recent round of testing, we relied on the eyes of Bridget Collins, the interim lighting and projections supervisor at the Tony Award—recognized Huntington Theatre Companya Boston theater where guide co-author Thom Dunn was a writing fellow from toas well as Ari Herziga professional lighting and projections designer. For this guide, however, we focused on the standard nonblinking miniature or T5 lights. These are the small, traditional, candle-shaped Christmas lights that most people are used to.One solution to kick off your holiday a little more smoothly is to start with the right lights.

The contacts on the light bulb are thin wires that are bent back and contact the socket when the bulb is pressed in. There are some common issues with this type of light.

For one, putting them up and taking them down can wiggle the bulbs and cause intermittent contact in the socket, making them go out or come back on. Even worse, if one bulb is out, a whole section of the string of lights will go out. With the larger lights C7, C9 that screw in, the bulbs can loosen in the socket or possibly overheat, melting tinsel or plastic ornaments.

People often look to LED lights to solve their holiday lighting problems—because they use less power, you can connect more strings to create displays that would impress even Clark Griswold—but there are some issues to consider.

Daylight is generally going to look the whitest, while cool white trends toward blue, and warm white is more amber—like a traditional candle light. With larger LEDs, meant to mimic actual screw-in bulbs, the colors are a bit closer. There are two kinds of wiring harness that string LED lights together. Over time, these may develop some of the same intermittent contact issues of the incandescent lights—it is less likely, but still possible.

The upside is that an LED can be replaced if it goes out.

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Every holiday light string on this list has been tested and evaluated by our team of test editors. To select the lights, we researched the market, surveyed user reviews, and used our own experience with these types of string lighting to determine the best options.

We selected typical examples of the various options and installed them on an artificial tree, stretching them out, stringing them up, lighting them, taking them down, and rolling them back up for storage.

The 10 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights of 2021

We evaluated the lights based on value, function, performance, aesthetics, and ease of use. Here are 10 we recommend. These LED lights from Brizled have a little something for just about everyone. The functions include steady on for both warm white and multicolors, blinking for both, as well as several versions of blinking or fading with varied timing. The warm white was a pleasant color, not leaning too much toward yellow, and the colored LEDs were a little on the pastel side—as advertised.

The wire strand is silver so it is a little obvious in daylight, but the light set is also offered with black wire, which will be less visible. The built-in timer will run the lights for 6 hours on, then 18 off. The set consists of two light strings, for a total of 64 feet of lighting.

Out of the box the lights are set up to stay lit, but with the included blinker bulbs they can be set to blink. We tested the lights in both steady on and blinking modes and they functioned as expected.Our smartphone-controlled, permanent Christmas lights bring life to your home.

Every season. Every color. Nearly invisible. Install it once, and enjoy for years to come. We have good news. Now they can! Buying new lights is expensive.

Hiring someone is even more costly. Use less energy with LED. Saving you money on your power bill while getting the benefits of bright LED! With our smart control app, you decide when and for how long your lights are on, all from the convenience of your phone. Classic white lights can provide any home with a warm, welcoming glow.

They're also an effective home security measure. Our classic white lights are always warm white and can be controlled with a switch, smart outlet, or home automation. The easiest and most efficient way to decorate your home for any holiday. No more climbing on your roof to hang up Christmas lights that can be easily damaged.

EverLights are the most robust and dependable light on the market. With the EverLights mobile application on your phone or tablet you can utilize the energy-efficient LEDs on your building to change the colors, sequence, and animations.

Show your support for local schools, or raise awareness … the possibilities are endless! A permanent, fully customizable, lasting solution to light up your home. Customize any color or any bulb in whatever display pattern you choose.

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Our smartphone-controlled Christmas lights are perfect for the holiday season and any other occasion. Illuminate your home with our smartphone-controlled lighting.

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